Decorative & Fine Arts Society

We are delighted to welcome new members and guests at our meetings. They are held on specific Wednesday evenings at 7.45 pm at THE NILAND CONFERENCE CENTRE IN THE GROUNDS OF THE ROSARY PRIORY in ELSTREE ROAD, BUSHEY HEATH, WD23.4EE. Tel:: 020 8950 4000.   Coffee and tea is served afterwards when people attending enjoy discussing the lecture and meeting each other.   


Visits are arranged throughout the year with details, dates and pricing being announced as far in advance as possible. Names and payments will be taken at lectures prior to the date of the outing or or by post or Email.(See CONTACT US to register your email address).

If you require a receipt, please remember to enclose SAE. Please enroll and pay as early as possible so that outings can be confirmed.

No refunds are guaranteed for cancellation.