Decorative & Fine Arts Society

Anyone wishing to join Bushey DFAS is asked to contact our membership secretary Michael Daniels.

Telephone: 020 8950 9183


2018/2019    Full membership fees covering the programme year September to July are £40 for an individual and £80 for a couple.

However this may be discounted to £35 for an individual and £67 for a couple if the standing order instructions below AND the attached Gift Aid Declaration are both completed and signed.

If at the time of joining, one or more meetings of the Society have already taken place, the individual subscription is reduced to an amount equal to 4 times the number of remaining lectures for the year. Thus if there are 5 lectures left for the current subscription year (ending July 2019) the subscription in these circumstances will be reduced to £20.

This does NOT apply to those members who are renewing their subscription.

The charge for visitors is £8 per attendance

You can download an Application form here.

You can download a Gift Aid declaration here


1.      Introduction

On 25 May 2018, GDPR came into effect in the UK and affects the way in which Societies communicate with their Members and non-Members in regard to their personal data. In essence, personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

Communications sent to Members to notify them of upcoming events or items of legitimate interest will fall within the criteria of performance of contract and/or legitimate interest; both these criteria override the need to obtain specific consent concerning the utilisation of personal data for the purpose of communications.  Members of local Societies also become Members of ‘The Arts Society’ in a non-voting capacity. For avoidance of doubt, a ‘year’ is a subscription year to 31st August.

2.      Members’ Data and how it will be used

In accordance with The Arts Society’s advice on GDPR, as adopted by your Committee, we will act as follows:

a)      Members’ details will be processed fairly and lawfully in order to satisfy the agreement entered with you on your admittance to membership. This will ensure that you receive the latest news and information about all upcoming events.

b)      Members’ details will be passed to The Arts Society to enable inclusion on the mailing of the quarterly magazine and other communications including information about any upcoming national events or items of legitimate interest.

c)       Members’ details may be passed to The Arts Society or other affiliated Societies for the purposes of disseminating relevant information of legitimate interest.

d)      Your details will be kept safely and securely, and you can opt out of our communications at any time.

3.      Bushey DFAS and Data Retention Policy

BDFAS and The Arts Society and its affiliated Societies may retain the personal details of its current and former Members for up to 6 years after the end of the year in which membership ceases. Within your local Society, access to your personal data will be limited to Members and certain co-opted Members of your Committee. Any matters arising on this should be raised with the Society Secretary.

4.      The Right to be Forgotten

Individual Members can request that they are removed from any or all current listings and request deletion of historic data from the databases of The Arts Society, affiliated Societies and the local Society. This is subject to the need to keep information for longer periods, such as in respect of contractual matters or financial investigations. Thus data may need to be retained, but Members may request speedy removal from mailing lists. Such requests should be by email or by post to the local Society Secretary. The Member will receive a response within 30 days of the request being received by the Society.

The local Society will use reasonable endeavours to exclude an ex-Member from mailing lists 2 years after the end of the year in which he/she ceased to be a Member, unless he/she has requested to be removed earlier. The Society will also use reasonable endeavours to exclude a deceased Member within 30 days of the local Society being informed by an appropriate person.

5.      Access to Personal Data

Members can ask the local Society what personal data is being held by The Arts Society, affiliated Societies and the local Society and for what purposes. The request should be addressed to the local Society Secretary by email or by post. Again the Member will receive a response within 30 calendar days.

6.      Visitors to Bushey DFAS

Visitors may provide us with their name and contact details on a voluntary basis. This may be used to contact them in respect of Outings, Study Days and Monthly Lectures and other events that might be of legitimate interest to them. Our policy is to contact visitors at appropriate times for a period of 2 subscription years after the end of the subscription year in which they first visited us and gave us their contact details.