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22 January 2020'Ancient Egyptian Art - Hidden Meanings'
27 November 2019'The Art of Opulent Travel'
23 October 2019'Secret Art in the Passport' How we use it to fox the forger.
25 September 2019'Heaven on Earth' - The Art of Byzantium.
24 July 20197.15 pm ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING followed at 7.45 pm by: Treasures of The Livery Company Halls including Merchant Taylors,Haberdashers & The Stationers.
26 June 2019Opera - The Melting Pot of Culture - From 17th century plots,manners & enormous costumes to 19th century concerns of epic themes & doomed heroines
22 May 2019Dresden Today - Art and Architecture
24 April 2019Indians, Buffalo & Storms - Art of the American West
27 March 2019The 500th anniversary of Durer's visit to Amsterdam
27 February 2019Founders & Treasures of the Wallace Collection
23 January 2019The Suffolk Collection at Kenwood - Conservation of Tudor & Jacobean Portraits
28 November 2018Grayson Perry
24 October 2018The Borgias - the most infamous family in history
26 September 20183 Contemporary Sculptors - Cornelia Parker, Anish Kapoor & Anthony Gormley
25 July 20187.30 Annual General Meeting 8.00 Lecture “Forgery – Oh yes it is, oh no it isn’t!”
27 June 2018“Norman Wilkinson -A Dazzling Artistic Career” Wartime Camouflage
23 May 2018“Dale Chihuly & The American Glass Movement”
25 April 2018Charles Dickens, The man and his life through his characters. NB Change of topic and lecturer - also start time now 7.45 pm
27 March 2018 “Paintbrushes at Dawn” Great Art World Feuds -
27 February 2018“Edouard Manet and the Music that inspired him"
23 January 2018“My Day with Dali”
28 November 2017“Islamic Art & Design”
24 October 2017“Frank Lloyd Wright”
26 September 2017“Indestructible Theatre – 1900 to Now”
25 July 2017“A World History of Toys – from rag dolls to robots”
27 June 2017“Hans Christian Andersen – sketches & papercuts”
23 May 2017“Signs and Symbols” The Hidden Messages in Art
25 April 2017“Hitler’s Emigres – their impact on British culture”
28 March 2017“Craft and Machine – modern design in the wake of the Arts & Crafts Movement”
28 February 2017“New York, New York, Art & Architecture”
24 January 2017“Jewellery in Portraits”
22 November 2016“English Caricature from Hogarth to Punch”
25 October 2016“Sicilian Splendours from Greece to the Normans”
27 September 2016“Rescuing Zeugma from the Floodwaters of the Euphrates”
26 July 2016The Georgian House Around the World (This follows the Annual General Meeting)
28 June 2016Picasso's Guernica and the Spanish Civil War
24 May 2016A View from the Plinth: A Review of Public Sculpture Today
26 April 2016The World of William Shakespeare
22 March 2016Velasquez: the Great Magician of Art
23 February 2016Lawrence of Arabia: a Tortured Hero of Troubled Times
26 January 2016PROGRAMME CHANGE It Will Never Show: Historical Costumes for Film & TV
24 November 2015Capability Brown: a Celebration
29 September 2015The China Trade
28 July 2015From Pheasants to Peasants: Changing Images of the English Landscape
23 June 2015The Incas and their Predecessors seen through their Art and Textiles
26 May 2015A Feast for the Eyes: the Frick Collection, New York
28 April 2015The Destruction of the Monasteries: the Greatest Act of Artistic Vandalism in English History
24 March 2015Wonder Workers and the Art of Illusion
24 February 2015Temples, Tombs and Treasures: in search of the Queen of Sheba
27 January 2015Toulouse-Lautrec
25 November 2014Terribilitá, The Life and Works of Michelangelo
28 October 2014Batty on Pots
23 September 2014London’s Changing Skyline – past, present and future
22 July 2014Masters of the Sea: highlights of Maritime Art from the 17th century to the present day
24 June 2014Pompeii & Herculaneum - their Life & Death
27 May 2014From Egg to Bacon: English Painting 1850-1950
22 April 2014Raphael: Genius of the Renaissance in Rome
25 March 2014Medieval Illuminated Book of Hours
25 February 2014The Splendour of Hampton Court Palace
28 January 2014Troy: Myth, History and Archaeology

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'Ancient Egyptian Art - Hidden Meanings' Eileen Goulding Wednesday 22 January 2020

From pyramids & temples to jewellery & furniture all steeped in religious symbolism & magic power.